Ordering, Shipping & Returns

The webshop is to be considered as a catalogue over products, that can be delivered fra Outdoorsy.
As the cost shipping vary a lot between the boats and destinations have we decided to remove the possibility to order online for the time being. Please contact us for a quote on boat and shipping.

Your order is first registered when you receive an order confirmation, but we still take reservations for

  • changed prices
  • sold out products
  • expired products
  • typing errors

Please contact us for a quote on shipping.
Prices for shipping vary a lot, so we give individual quotes to ensure that noone pays more than absolutely needed.

By bank transfer to:
Danske Bank
Reg.no.: 0612
Account No.: 11078060

If you pay by bank transfer, please also notify us by mail, so we can ship your boat as soon as possible.

By MasterCard, American Express, VISA, Discover:
Payment will be done via Paypal. Let us know that you want to pay by card, and we will send you an invoice together with a payment link. We use PayPal for this service, but no Paypal account is needed.

By PayPal:
When we have sent you a quote, you can accept the order by paying via PayPal. Payment shall be directed to info@outdoorsy.eu

PLEASE NOTE: Since we have had some problems with credit card fraud might we ask for a picture of the buyers passport (feel free to blank out the passport number) to verify the buyers identity. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but the money we lose on scams we need to put on the prices, so we take these steps to keep prices and worries at a minimum.

When you have ordered goods through the webshop, do you have the right to return it within 14 days of purchase, if the goods are returned in the same condition and the original packing, it was received in.
Goods having been used in a way meaning that it can not be sold as new again, is not included in the right of returning.
PLEASE NOTE that before you return the goods, you have to require a return number by sending us an e-mail at info@outdoorsy.eu.
The return note is filled out and placed by the goods.
Goods being returned without a return number or where the packing is damaged, will not be accepted.

According to danish law a customer has 2 years of warranty, which means that you can either have the product repaired, exchanged, getting a full refund or a deduction in price, depending on the actual situation. This of course requires that the claim is rightful. It is however a prerequisite that the defect hasn't occured as a result of wrong use of the product. If the product has a defect are you entitled to a new delivery, which means that you can have a new product sent to replace the one causing the claim. This of course requires that the claim is justified and that the new delivery doesn't cause Outdoorsy unreasonable expenses (we sadly don't have a company jet just waiting to bring a replacement kayak to the other end of the world).
You have to file the claim within reasonable time after discovering the defect. If you file the claim within 2 months will the claim always be considered in due time.
For claims is the same procedure used as for returns. This means, that you have to send an e-mail asking for a return number together with a description of the claim.